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Lake Nyinambuga, Kasenda Crater Lakes, Uganda

30 Inspiring Adventure Quotes certain to set your Wanderlust on Fire

Travel quotes can be powerful. Through quotes, we have been inspired to take chances, we’ve been inspired to travel, to take action, and to strive to live a better life …

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The Karimojong people of northern Uganda

Uganda Culture And People Of East Africa

Uganda has long been a cultural melting pot, as proven by the existence of 30-plus totally different autochthonal languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups, and an equally numerous cultural mosaic of music, art and handicrafts …

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Silverback Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Gorilla Permits 2019/2020 in Uganda

It is always recommended to book your gorilla permit through a tour operator. They have to be reserved and purchased in advance. As from February 2018, the price for a gorilla tracking permit is USD 600 and for gorilla habituation permit USD 1500 …

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East African Countries | Travel to Africa

In East Africa, wildlife safaris and adventure travel include sightseeing and wildlife viewing tours to see all Big 5 wildlife animals, chimpanzee, gorilla tracking, wildebeest migration and mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips.

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Grasshoppers | Nsenene in Uganda | Africa

They are breeding during the rainy seasons, that is March to April and October to December. And males are regularly observed pursuing females, mating on activity lights.

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African Savanna | Flora And Fauna | Climate

A moving meadow spotted with trees is one approach to characterize the African savanna. The African savanna is a thornbush savanna, which has a wide range of plant species.

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Activities to do | Things to See in Murchison Falls National Park

Below are main park Activities, Birding watching, hot air baloon safari, boat cruises to the bottom of Murchison Falls, hike, and nature walk in Budongo forest, game drive, cultural encounter and sports finishing in Murchison Falls National Park.

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Adventure Time | Hiking Sipi Falls | Uganda | Africa

The name sipi was gotten from the word ‘sep’ which is a name of a wild banana-like indigenous plant that develops along the banks of the Sipi River, this plant can be utilized as prescription for treating fevers and measles by nearby individuals around there.

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African Safaris and Tours | Tanzania | Uganda and Rwanda Safari Holiday

Our strength in organizing memorable East African safaris like gorilla safaris and wildlife in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania lies in our local knowledge of the areas we know very well, professionalism, and years of experience in the tourism industry.

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Best time to visit Rwanda | Chimpanzees & Gorilla Tracking Safari Tours

Rwanda has two wet seasons and two dry seasons. During the dry season that happens from June through to the principal half of October, daylight most extreme temperatures float around 25°C to 27°C( 77°F to 81°F)

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Best time to visit Tanzania National Park | Weather in Tanzania

In dry season, in Tanzania, the long try season starts around June through July, August, September and additionally October and during this time, it barely ever rains even on the island.

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Best African Safaris Tours | Gorilla Safaris | Uganda Tours

Africa Safaris. Its about natural life. Indeed, its likewise about individuals and culture. In any case, for the most part about untamed life — particularly for safari searchers.

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Best Tanzania Balloon Safari Holidays | Tanzania Safaris

This incredible safari that happens inside the apparently within plains of the Serengeti starts at 5:00 am the point at which you are pickup from your Central Serengeti Lodge or campsite and you will drive to a site contiguous the noteworthy Maasai Kopjes.

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Best time to visit Dar es Salaam | Tanzania Safari | Beach Holidays

Dar es Salaam likewise has an accumulation of striking beaches where you can invest energy sunbathing, swimming and getting a charge out of the lavish tropical and grassland vegetation.

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Best time to visit Uganda | Chimpanzee | Gorilla Tracking Safari Tours

The country is located on the equator and has two climate seasons dry and wet. This is because of its atmosphere and area to the equator and Lake Victoria.

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Baby Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Uganda mountain gorilla — facts and figures, what they feed on, where they live, when they were discovered, who threatens them, how they behave

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Chimpanzee Facts | Origin | Diet | Habitat | Size | Species | Food | Lifespan

Chimpanzees are exceedingly smart creatures, with a capacity to take care of issues. They were the main creatures, aside from people, to be watched making and utilizing instruments. Their outward appearances demonstrate feelings in comparable approaches to our own.

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Comparing Gorilla Trekking Rwanda and Gorilla Trekking Uganda

On the off chance that its about the price, it would be ideal if you take note of that, Gorilla permits within Rwanda were recently increased up to USD 1500 per person and that in Uganda they go each for USD 600 per individual.

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Affordable African Safari Packages | Best Safari Holidays 2019

These trips and safaris have been chosen with the point of delivering genuine value-for-money safari experiences in Africa’s iconic destinations.

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2019-2020 Best Uganda Safari Lodges & Hotels | Accommodation in Uganda

RAIN FOREST LODGE MABIRA. The cabins are spacious and very tastefully furnished. There is plenty of hot water and the windows can fold away so that the cabin almost becomes part of the forest.

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Explore the legendary Great Rift Valley | East Africa

The Great Rift valley is another prized Kenyan attraction, boasting stunning lakes and escarpments, which provide havens for abundant wildlife.

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